Daniel Wiendl



C# was my first programming language and it’s the one I still like the most. I always love to use it in Unity.


I used C++ to code my own game engine based on SFML and it is my second most used language.


I use Unity for most of my games and prototypes and I love experimenting and trying new things in the engine.

About me

Hi, I’m Daniel Wiendl, an aspiring Game programmer/developer from Austria. I’m currently attending the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and studying Computer science with a focus on Game development. I have also chosen Game Studies and Game Design as my minor. I love writing C#, C++ and I also know some Unreal, Git, a bit of shader programming and some web languages. My favourite engine to use is Unity, and I also already developed games using MonoGame and an own custom game engine based on SFML.  

My Journey

I first started programming in 9th grade and I got into game development while doing my final project for the A-levels in 12th grade, where I first got in touch with Unity. After studying and learning a lot about the engine I managed to release my first ever game on Android in March 2015: Countryball Adventures. After finishing military service and before starting university I wanted to hone my gamedev skills, so I decided to remake Countryball Adventures with better controls, better visuals and more content. Out of this came Emoji Balls, with smoother line drawing, a lot of new playable characters, new enemies and powerups. Since I started University I learned a lot about programming. We learned about important algorithms and data structures like BSTs, Hashtables and vital design patterns like the Observer Pattern and many more. It’s day and night when you compare the code I wrote before University to the code I can write now.

My Games

From student projects to released games on the Play Store, here is an overview of my games.